At the beginning of August, Justin went to the doctor because he had been having chest pain. The doctor discovered that he had a large mass near his heart. 

The following Monday, after many tests and scans, it was determined that he had Non Seminoma Germ Cell Cancer. This particular type of cancer commonly spreads to other parts of the body, but after more tests, they discovered that the cancer hadn't spread at all. 

Justin started inpatient chemotherapy on August 19 and will continue that for three months, one week on, two weeks off. At that point, the doctors will determine what further treatment is needed. 

Justin married his wife Jennifer in May 2013. They were friends all throughout junior high, high school and college. They both were interested in each other at different times, and it never seemed like things matched up for them. Their wedding was a fairy tale and a dream come true for all of their friends and family who had been patiently waiting for them to work things out for years. 

Jennifer recently graduated from BYU-Idaho and Justin is working towards his degree at BYU. They love crepes, camping, rock climbing, traveling and fighting about whether cats or dogs are better. 

They've seen so many miracles throughout this process so far, and it's been amazing to see the outpouring of love and support from friends and family both near and far.